Green Flag canals

The Green Flag Award® scheme recognises well-managed parks and green spaces. It sets the standard for managing recreational outdoor spaces across the UK. Here's what we're doing to make sure our waterways raise the Green Flag.

Flying the Green Flag on the Montgomery Canal Flying the Green Flag on the Montgomery Canal

What is the Green Flag scheme?

Green Flag Award logoMany of you will be familiar with Green Flags and their links with parks and green spaces. The scheme, run by Keep Britain Tidy, recognises spaces that boast the highest possible environmental standards, are beautifully maintained, and play an important role in the local community. Most Green Flag sites are parks, but we want people to know that our blue watery spaces can have the same positive impact on our wellbeing as green grassy ones.

The scheme sets the national standard and provides a high level quality against which such spaces are measured. Winning a Green Flag award shows that a space:

  • improves customer experiences
  • increases the profile, interest and recognition in the canals and surrounding communities
  • increases links with external bodies to canals and communities
  • improves the local economy
  • offers pride and a sense of place to those involved and the communities they live and work in
  • spreads good practice to neighbouring green spaces and waterways

Over 400 miles of Green Flag canals

Green Heritage award

Plus, the Marple Aqueduct and Marple Lock Flight have won a Green Heritage Award.


Last date edited: 19 November 2020