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How to get notifications on your smartphone

Find out how to set up alerts to your phone for notices issued on a canal or river that you're interested in.

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First off, you need a MyTrust profile. If you're a boat licence holder then you're likely to already have one. If you don't, here's how to create one in three easy steps.

  1. Go to MyTrust and enter your details. You can read more about our privacy policy and how we use your data here.
  2. Once you've registered and signed in, you'll see a menu of options on the right hand side. Click on 'my notices and stoppages'.
  3. Select the types of notices you want to receive along with the canals and rivers you'd like to receive them for.

How do I get notifications on my iOS device?

Follow this for iPhones with iOS 11 and above.

  1. Open the email you've received from [email protected] and click on it to open it fully.
  2. At the top of the screen you'll see 'Canal & River Trust notices' in blue. Tap this and it'll open up a contact profile. A short way down you'll see 'add to VIP'. Select this and a small star will appear by the email. Now select 'done' in the top left corner.
  3. You now need to get the emails from your VIP list to appear on your lock screen. To do this, open your 'settings' app.
  4. Scroll down to select 'mail'. On the new menu that appears, select 'notifications'.
  5. One of the options that now appears is 'VIP'. Tap on it.
  6. You now have various options to choose from. Make sure that the slider is pushed to the right for 'show on lock screen' and 'show as banners'. You can then decide whether you want to select a specific notification sound for VIP emails, and whether you want the banner that appears to be temporary or persistent (meaning it'll stay on your screen until you dismiss it or unlock your phone).
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How do I get notifications on outlook for android?

  1. Open the email you received from [email protected] and tap on the three vertically lined dots in the top right corner.
  2. One of the options will be to 'move to focused inbox'. After tapping on this you'll be asked whether you want to move just this email, or all future ones too. Make sure you select the latter.
  3. Go to 'settings' on your phone and click on the three horizontal lines in the top left to access the menu. In the bottom left you'll see the settings cog icon. Tap on it.
  4. On the new menu that appears you'll see 'notifications'. Tap on it.
  5. Another menu appears. Select 'notifications' again.
  6. The final screen in this process now gives you options. You can tell it to make a notification sound depending on the importance of the email (all emails sent from our'notices' email address are sent with medium priority), how much information is shown on your lock screen, and whether you want notifications to push through even if you've set your phone to 'do not disturb'.
  7. Once you've selected your preferences just press the back arrow until you arrive back at emails.
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Can't see 'focused inbox' on your phone?

This is when Outlook is meant to intelligently pre-sort you most important emails into your 'focused' inbox, with everything else going into 'other'.

You may have turned this feature off, but it's easy enough to switch back on.

  1. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left to access the menu.
  2. In the bottom left you'll now see the settings icon. Tap on it.
  3. Scroll down a little to 'focuseed inbox'. Push the slider to the right and switch it back on.

Last Edited: 27 July 2023

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