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The charity making life better by water

Man using spray cans to paint a mural of a kingfisher and wildflowers on a brick wall along a towpath

Arts & Culture on the Waterways

Our waterways are special places for people, nature and the arts to flourish. We're inviting local communities to join us with our wide-ranging arts programme.

Connecting communities

Our canals offer a vital source of creative inspiration and wellbeing for many people up and down the country.

Together with the Poetry Society, we introduced our new canal laureate, Roy McFarlane, for 2022. We're also continuing our Hinterlands project and showcasing more street art transformations.

Walking on Water

Cara Thompson is a Nottingham-based poet and writer who we've worked with to lead community poetry workshops in Nottingham, exploring the cultural heritage of the city's canals and rivers.

Walking on Water is a piece that was specially commissioned to celebrate the city's waterside roots and the enduring appeal of the Nottingham & Beeston Canal 250 years after it was built.

photo of a location on the canals
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