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Hinterlands 2023-2024 is officially underway. Artists and residents will embark on a creative voyage promoting wellbeing and connecting communities along the River Lea in Enfield.

Enfield 2023

Over two days, artists, community groups and local partners presented a range of interactive artworks, walks, performances and poetry in response to the Lee Navigations' industrial heritage, ecology, environment and our innate connection to water.

Hinterlands Three

Enfield 2023-2024 is a grassroots placemaking for wellbeing and future generations' projects. Artists and community partners will explore culture and community-led placemaking, folklore, climate action, and even city planning (by children) along the waterways and in partner venues.

This community-led series of temporary interventions will reimagine, enhance and transform key spaces along the River Lea, culminating in Enfield Biennial 2024.


Artists Chantelle Purcell, Renin Bilgner, Write2Speak Yossi Goodline and Tyler Cunningham, Pinochle London, Barge Fiodra, and Steven Messam are all starting their residencies from June and will create work and engaging public activities in response to the many roles that the River Lea performs and the heart and soul of Enfield past, present and future.

Collaboration with local schools

Cathy Wade is an artist and writer who investigates how practice can be created and distributed in collaborative partnerships and through the creation of commons.

Her first iteration of work for Hinterlands is based in Raynham Primary School, exploring city planning, civic space, imagination, ecology & visual communication with pupils at the school through The Rayham Reporter, a series of workshops co-designed with assistant headteacher Iveta Bejaoui.

Forums and events

Local partners Facefront and Enfield Climate Action Forum will also lead creative place-based explorations over the coming months, encouraging a wider community voice to be heard.

We are excited to announce that the project space for the project will be hosted with Bloqs, and we have a shipping container that the very talented Bloqs members are currently transforming into an arts/community space. Barge Fiodra will be 'in residence' as a floating project venue throughout August, traversing its way up and down the River Lea.

Last Edited: 28 March 2024

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