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Our 2,000 miles of canals and rivers play host to over 34,000 boats. We're here support you to make the most of our historic canals and rivers, however long your stay.

In the past, our waterways served as the lifeblood of the country, providing vital connections for trade between towns and cities.

These days the pace is a little slower and canals offer a different experience, providing a home to liveaboard boaters, a sanctuary for holidaymakers and a workplace for the many boats selling their wares up and down the country.

Such a diverse range of users means it's a big job to make sure there's fair access and availability for everyone, as well as keeping up with the changing needs of those who visit.

Whatever your reason for stepping aboard, you'll find the information you need to make the most of your time on the canal on these pages.

Help #KeepCanalsAlive

In July 2023 Government announced a new funding settlement, spanning from 2027 to 2037, to follow on from our current grant agreement. Whilst we welcome this further long-term commitment to the nation's historic waterways, the amount awarded represents a steep reduction in funding of over £300 million in real terms over a ten-year period. A reduction that will have devastating consequences on our canals and the people and wildlife who rely on them.

Such a steep reduction will inevitably result in a decline in the overall condition of our waterway network, and, alarmingly, the possibility of canal closures. It puts at risk invaluable natural habitats, historic infrastructure and cherished public spaces.

We're reaching out to you, our passionate and engaged community, to join us in our mission to #KeepCanalsAlive.

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