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A guide to boating

These pages contain important information for anyone planning to go boating on our canals and rivers.

Man and woman stand on the back of a narrowboat, driving out of a lock

If you're planning on taking a boat trip there are quite a few things to consider. Is your route clear or are we carrying out restoration work in your area? How can you conserve water in the summer and what should you do if your boat breaks down? Find everything you need to know below.

For information on slipways and where to launch portable boats take a look at

The Boater's Handbook is a helpful 40 page document that we put together along with the Environment Agency and several boating industry and user groups. If you're hiring a boat, you should find a copy in the boat's manual, and the hire operator may send you a copy in advance. All boat licence holders are entitled to a free copy and if you lose it, we'll send you a replacement.

Useful boating information

Last Edited: 05 February 2024

photo of a location on the canals
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