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Diglis Island and Fish Pass - aerial shot

Diglis Island & Fish Pass

On Diglis Island, learn about the rich navigational history of the Severn, step into the Victorian workshop where lock gates were once made, and find out about the plight of a once-renowned fish species.

Things to see and do

Diglis Island and the Diglis Fish Pass are two fascinating visitor destinations, created through the Unlocking the Severn project.

The fish pass is a feat of engineering and one of the four fish passes, created to allow fish to swim around large weirs on the River Severn. The fish pass is 100m long and, at the time of construction, the biggest of its kind in England and Wales.

It also has its own underwater viewing gallery, where visitors have the chance to spot different species swimming through the pass.

Spring is best

We have seen over 25 different species of fish at the pass so far. Scientific monitoring cameras give us great footage of our finned-friends.

Spring is the best time to see fish, as many species undertake their upriver migration this time of year.

Planning your visit

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