National consultations

From time to time we have to make major decisions about how we look after our canals and rivers.

While we’re the experts and have highly qualified teams working for the Canal & River Trust, we also want to get your perspective on a range of subjects.

Although we are not bound by them, whenever we do publish formal national consultations we will often try to follow the Government’s Consultation Principles.

However, sometimes we want your feedback on a more local and informal level. You can check if there are any consultations happening in your area by visiting our regional pages.

National Review of Boat licensing

The National Boat licensing Consultation is now closed.

We would like to thank the 11,000 boaters who responded. The results of the consultation can be found below in the following documents:

Hear from Damian Kemp, our Boating Communications Manager in the short video below. 

Previous documents related to the consultation process can be found below:

Stage one

The first step in a three-stage consultation started in February. In stage one, Involve interviewed representatives from the main boating organisations to find out their views on how the consultation should work and what it should cover.

Read the stage one report

Stage two

During the second stage Involve hosted a series of in-depth workshops with boaters across the country. Participants reflected the diversity in the boating community.

Read the stage two report stage 2 report.  The appendices are available here - stage 2 appendices

Stage three

The final stage will be a consultation for all boat owners to give their views on the options developed during the two previous stages. We’ll be emailing an invitation to participate in the final stage to all our boat licence holders for whom we hold email addresses, and sending invites by post to the others. 

You can now read the stage 3 summary here - This a summary of the consultation and not the consultation survey.  

Watch our boating strategy and engagement manager Matthew Symonds, explain why it's vital for boaters to play their part in the consultation, in the video below.  


Online Mooring Policy – consultation

The Canal & River Trust is revising the current policies for mooring along the banks of our waterways. The revised online mooring policy seeks to set out the strategic aims, principles and criteria for considering online[1] mooring sites on the Trust’s network.

The revised online mooring policy states that online towpath moorings will generally be retained for:

  • 14-day moorings (general towpath mooring)
  • Short-stay visitor moorings
  • Winter moorings

Towpath moorings for the following types of boat may be acceptable in certain circumstances, for example:

  • Commercial boats and boats providing services for tourists and day visitors (e.g. trip and passenger boats, floating shops and restaurants) including not for profit community boats or boats operated for charitable purposes (for which there are no suitable alternative moorings in the area)
  • Historic/feature boats that have a specific and documented function for adding value to tourism and enjoyment of visitors to the area.
  • Moorings for disabled access or to support the Trust’s Equality Policy

Other mooring types may be acceptable in the context of a local mooring strategy.

[1] Online moorings mean those on the main line of the navigation and does not include basins, layby’s or other offline mooring.

Read the draft Online Mooring Policy and give your comments. This consultation runs until 21 December 2017.

Last date edited: 6 March 2018