Ships in Sharpness Docks pay tribute to key workers

Vessels moored in Sharpness Docks saluted the UK’s key workers last Thursday

Large boat moored during sunset Christine at Sharpness Docks

At 8pm, communities across the country clapped, sang, played music and generally made some noise for our key workers. The huge ships at our Sharpness Dock made some noise of their own as well. Right on cue they sounded their booming fog horns in a maritime salute.

The tribute was organised by Mike Nash from our operations team at Sharpness Docks.

Lewis Kneale, our area operations manager and harbourmaster at Sharpness Docks, explains “As the navigation authority for Sharpness Docks we work round the clock, seven days a week, dealing with ships bringing vital supplies for the UK’s agricultural and construction sectors.  

 “Those ships come from mainland Europe and we were delighted that they were happy to work with my colleague Mike Nash and salute our key workers in this unique way. In these difficult times the sense of community and support for each other, fortunately, knows no borders.”

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Last date edited: 4 May 2020