Planning your boat trip

If you’re planning any kind of a trip on a boat, whether you’re a continuous cruiser, paddler or holiday maker, make sure your journey goes without a hitch by using our website to plan your journey.

Using our maps

Mooring icons on our waterway maps

You can use our interactive maps to help plan your route and find all sorts of information about the waterways you’ll be travelling on, from how many locks you’ll have to pass through to the location of tunnels, visitor moorings and water points.

There's also an interactive map on our Local to You page. Simply pop in the rough location of your travels (using a nearby town or postcode if you have one) and what you want to see there.

You can choose to see the information in a list or a map format.

If you’re using our maps and you see a marker with a number in it, this means that there is more than one entry at this location. Either click on it to see a list or zoom in further to see the entries separately.

If you spot any incorrect information when you're looking at our maps please use our online map correction tool to let us know about it.

Size matters: check your dimensions

HMS Deutschland in London's Docklands

It's a good idea to take a look at the dimensions of our waterways before setting off. You don’t want to try and squeeze a Dutch barge into the Huddersfield Narrow because you didn’t do your homework!

However, waterway levels can vary greatly depending on the seasons and how much rain we’ve had so please remember our dimensions document (which is currently being reviewed and updated) is a rough guide only.

Stoppages and notices

You can check your route for any stoppages, navigational advice, towpath closures or opening times information before and during your travels.

Just tick the boxes next to the waterways you’ll be travelling along, choose the type of information you want to see and the dates you’ll be travelling and then you’ll be given a list of all of the notices covering your journey.

You can also sign up to receive alerts via email. Every time a new stoppage or advisory notice is added to the waterways you’ve selected, we’ll send you an email to tell you all about it.

Strong stream warnings

Strong stream warnings tell you about conditions that may affect navigation, such as fast river flows or variable heights in water levels.

Lack of water

Our Drought page explains what happens to our waterways in unusually hot spells, it includes FAQs, tips on how boaters can follow our THRIFT code and a closure map.

Book your passage online

Sign in to your boat licencing account and use the same system to book your passage to make sure your journey goes without a hitch.

Boaters' Guides

The Boaters' Guides are currently being reviewed and updated and will list information we have on our facilities and stoppages.

Download a boaters' guide today

Last date edited: 16 January 2019