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150 years of Sharpness Dock

2024 marks the 150th anniversary of the construction of Sharpness Port.

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Celebrate with us

We are commemorating this occasion by inviting people down to the port to learn more about this momentous piece of engineering that’s played a huge role in the movement of goods into the UK over the last 150 years, as well as having a huge impact on the local area.

On Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 July the Trust will host a celebration event which will offer people the chance to join a guided walk of the docks, or if you prefer to see this incredible piece of engineering from another perspective, you can book onto one of our boat trips, also led by a local guide. There is an exhibition in The Dockers Club which contains fascinating photos and artefacts which shows how the port was constructed and explains the role it played in both the local area, and as a conduit for moving goods all through the country.

Photo of Sharpness Dock

Over the weekend, you can come and talk to people from a variety of organisations such as Severn Area Rescue Association, The Vale of Berkeley Railway, Sharpness Docks Ltd and various local historians. Our “Explorers” team will be on site so there will be opportunities for children to learn not only about The Docks and the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal, but the natural environment too.

Photo of Sharpness dock

The port has been such a huge part of the local community so we would love to hear from anyone that would like to share any stories they have, no matter how old or recent. During its heyday and throughout most of the 1900s, hundreds of workers at a time would be working in and around the port. This led to the creation of dozens of canal workers houses.

Send in your stories

To share any stories you or anyone you know has – please send an email to [email protected]. These stories may form part of our exhibition and will help commemorate this special anniversary.

You can also use the hashtag #Sharpness150 on Instagram and Twitter to be featured on our social media wall below.

    Last Edited: 16 April 2024

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