Boat trips on the Edwin Clark

To support the national effort to keep people safe, the boat trips will not be operating until further notice. Please do check on this page for updates.

Look down into the boat lift Look down into the boat lift

Step aboard 'The Edwin Clark'

We understand you would love to step onboard The Edwin Clark for  boat trip but unfortunately our trip boat is currently not in operation due to COVID-19 restrictions. We will continue to monitor this and update this page as soon as we can. 

Our hard working, glass sided boat trip boat is 'The Edwin Clark', named after the engineer who designed and constructed this clever bit of Victorian machinery.

It seats up to 56 passengers and will take two wheelchairs.

Lift only trip (the short one)

Go up and down in the world on our 'lift only' trip. At around 30 minutes, this shorter trip is just about going on to the lift to see it at its best - working! On the way, our guide shares the story of the lift, the people of the waterways that used it and the people who brought it back to life.

Adults 25+ £8.50
Children 5-15 £4.50
Young adult 16-24 £6.50

Lift and river trip (the long one)

At around 75 minutes, a combined lift and river cruise will take you along the picturesque River Weaver Navigation to Northwich and back. Not only do you get to see today's beautiful wildlife and historic Northwich, but our guide will help you discover the industrial heritage of the area and why the lift was so important then and now.

Adults 25+ £12.50
Children 5-15 £7.50
Young Adult 16-24 £9.50

You can view our opening and trip times Anderton 2020

Book your boat trip

You can book tickets at the visitor centre on the day - best to do so when you first arrive as these popular trips get full up pretty quickly or to secure your seats you can book up to two weeks in advance by calling our bookings team on 01606 786 777.

Last date edited: 31 July 2020