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Boating through Anderton Boat Lift

The thrill of taking your boat up and down the Anderton Boat Lift is definitely a must-do for every boater.

Narrowboats in Anderton Boat Loft

It's truly a unique experience manoeuvring your boat into the caissons and letting our marvellous machine lift you effortlessly from one level to the other.

For more information, please read through our boaters information

Passage times and booking

You can book a passage by logging on to your online account or calling 0303 0404 040.

We do not take walk-in bookings at the Anderton Boat Lift Visitor Centre.

Booking fees and charges

Booking fee:

Long term Canal & River Trust licence holders£5 single, £10 return
Usage charge for all other licence types£20 single narrow beam (<7ft wide), £30 return narrow beam (<7ft wide)

Hire boats

You will need permission from your hire boat company before you are allowed to use the Anderton Boat Lift. Please be aware that the boat will also need to be licensed. Check terms and conditions for details.

Passage safety rules

To make sure your visit is as safe as possible, please remember to:

  • Switch off your engine once your vessel is secured inside the caisson
  • Turn off naked flames
  • Stay off cabin roofs or gunwales
  • Not lean over the side of the vessel or caisson
  • Obey all instructions from the lift operator
  • Sound your horn to attract the lift operator’s attention if there is an emergency
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, all passengers and crew should remain in their vessels unless instructed otherwise by our lift operators

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Last Edited: 26 September 2023

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