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Short term mooring framework

This framework will ensure we make consistent decisions when changes are made to our short term mooring provision (including visitor moorings).

The process involves a lot of discussion with anyone who has an interest or might be affected by the potential changes. This means that boaters, anglers, marinas, hire boat operators, other local businesses and national organisations may be asked for their views if they will be affected by any change.                 

Once we’ve talked about the need for changes with those concerned we’ll then start gathering data. This means we'll start to monitor the site more closely for a period of at least three months, with a minimum of this being six weeks during the peak season.

The collected data and results of the discussions will give a good basis for developing a solution that improves all our customers’ needs. This process will also ensure clarity on why changes are being made.

We talked to a wide range of organisations when developing this framework and through these discussions it became clear that while changes on a case-by-case basis needed a thorough approach, there was one change we could make now that applied to all visitor moorings.

From the winter of 2015/16 onwards (1 November to 31 March), visitor moorings will revert to 14 days stay unless there is a clear safety or customer need to provide otherwise. Exceptions could include moorings at popular locations or where a boating business operation could be compromised.

The heart of this new framework is to ensure that all boaters have increased access to moorings, allowing you to cruise the waterways your way. If you’d like to, you can read the full Framework and appendices below.

Short Term (Visitor) Moorings Framework for Change

Appendix 1: Short Term Moorings common expectations and standards

Appendix 2: Short Term Moorings Process diagram

Appendix 2a: Calculating availability of mooring space

Appendix 3, 4 and 5 are forms for internal use. For more information on the framework contact Debbie Lumb, customer service project manager.

Last date edited: 11 July 2016