Marinas and moorings

Find out more about setting up new marinas and moorings.

We encourage the development of new moorings, but not along the line of the canal. We have an Online Moorings Policy that gives details of circumstances in which we may permit a new linear mooring to be set up.

1. There is a general presumption against the development of new online mooring development. New online moorings are acceptable only if all of the following criteria apply:

(a) There is clear excess demand for moorings in the area with no vacancies at comparable the Trust or third party sites.

(b) There is no prospect in the short or medium term of new off-line mooring development.

(c) There is low density of existing on-line moorings in the area.

(d) There are no operational or environmental constraints to online moorings at the proposed location.

Constraints include high boat traffic volumes, water availability for navigation, and navigational safety.

2. Permitted exceptions to these criteria:

(a) Visitor moorings suitably located along the towpath or offside.

(b) A proportion of visitor moorings may be allocated temporarily to boaters requiring a home mooring for winter months only.

(c) Moorings for the following types of boats will be permitted along the towpath or on the offside, providing that they bring significant clearly defined benefits to the location, and that there are no operational or environmental constraints as per para. 1(d) of the policy.

  • Commercial boats and boats providing services for tourists and day visitors (e.g. trip and passenger boats, floating shops and restaurants)
  • Historic/feature boats that have a specific and documented function for adding value to tourism and enjoyment of visitors to the area.
  • Community boats operated for charitable purposes, for which there is no suitable alternative mooring in the area.

For the assessment of new mooring location there is a non-refundable fee of £90 inclusive of VAT (at standard rate) towards our administration and initial assessment costs.  Cheques are to be made payable to The Canal & River Trust and included with your Operating Proposal.  

If you believe your proposal meets the criteria in this policy please refer to our detailed information. Once you have read this you may proceed to making an application.

If your proposal requires any physical works then you have to complete an additional works proposal.


Please note: 

On the Kennet & Avon Canal we will not permit the creation of any further offside moorings. This underlines our commitment to delivering the policies within the Kennet & Avon Canal Conservation Plan (second edition, October 2000):

Policy H10: There will be a general presumption for the offside bank to remain non- accessible.

Policy H10.2 There is a presumption against the creation of moorings, paths and access on the offside canal bank, although a case may be made for this in some urban locations.

Please note that although we may consider applications for the ‘urban’ areas of Bath, Bradford on Avon and Devizes, we will not grant any new moorings east of Lock 28 (the foot of the Caen Hill lock flight).


If you wish to set up offline moorings in a marina, mooring basin or lay-by for five boats or more, please refer to our new marinas pages.

If you own a residential property and you wish to moor your own, private boat please go to our mooring pages.

If you wish to apply for the installation of a new slipway, canoe launches, dry docks or upgrades to existing facilities please refer to our Boatyards pages.  As these works will require physical works then you have to complete an additional works proposal form.

Last date edited: 26 June 2018