Inland Marina Development Guide

COVID 19 Due to the current situation with Covid 19 the Canal & River Trust will be prioritising work that has been identified as urgent and safety critical. Therefore, we’re afraid we are unable to meet our usual 6 week response time to submit Business Boating applications, this includes new marina submissions.

The Trust is operating on an essential and prioritised basis. As part of the new marina process we conduct an internal consultation and some applications require a site inspection which means that we may not be able to review your application until Government restrictions are lifted.

We would welcome you to still submit your proposal for review and kindly request that you include as much information as possible to support your application. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and assistance.


The last 20 years has seen steady growth in boat ownership on our inland waterway network. Boats require secure long term moorings and we will work with private landowners/developers to facilitate quality inland marinas to meet future requirements.


The purpose of this site is to facilitate successful canal marina and lay-by developments by providing specialist information and advice. It explains our requirements and recommendations of schemes that will connect to our network, our application process and our role through the planning and development process. It also contains a wealth of other useful references and links. The site assumes that the developer already has a basic understanding of the construction, property development and planning processes. Its emphasis therefore is on aspects specific to marinas. Marina development and construction carries risks similar to those of any development project, so access to sound professional advice, which is independent of this guide, is essential.

Marina development can be a complex process but we are committed to supporting and facilitating developers through this process and with the information provided on this site. We will work with private landowners/developers to facilitate further new marina developments across our network.

In addition, if a proposed canal marina or lay-by development includes any of the following related works then the Code of Practice for Works Affecting Canal & River Trust (previously British Waterways) will apply to those aspects:

  • Service Crossings
  • Water abstraction and discharge
  • The installation of services in the towpath
  • Demolition
  • Future maintenance works affecting Canal & River Trust Property
  • Diving Operations
  • Hydropower and leisure facilities requiring water abstraction