The purpose of this section is to set out our requirements for mooring schemes on our network. This includes technical and design considerations. We also give other guidance from a broader perspective to help you develop your scheme such as some best practice, references to other main statutory requirements for mooring schemes and certain other useful references. There are links to case studies, useful documents and other websites.

Red narrowboats moored in marina Boats in marina

The subjects covered in this section are typical to mooring and marina development but this is not an exhaustive list and there may be other critical issues relating specifically to your site.

This section is not a detailed 'instruction manual' but more of a performance specification. You will need to propose design solutions based on your assessment of the site characteristics and our requirements. We encourage you to liaise with us as you develop your design during this stage so that we can agree solutions with you as you progress the scheme. For more information on working with us, the information we require to make our appraisals and our contractual requirements, you should refer to the Our Application Process page.

Last date edited: 9 December 2020