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Expression of interest

The Expression of Interest is the first stage of our application process.

Goytre Wharf moored boats

What you need to do

If you have identified a potential site and would like our initial assessment before you undertake any investigations, then:

  • Read the Getting Started pages of Your Scheme on this website. This includes basic guidance to help you choose a potentially suitable site and research the market for moorings to help you assess the potential demand for your proposal.
  • Complete an electronic or printed copy of the Expression of Interest Proforma with a map/plan to show the location and area of the proposed site plus its grid reference together with the relevant application fee.

What we will do

We will log your application and begin to monitor its progress through our system.

We will conduct an initial assessment to determine whether our network has the capacity to accommodate your potential scheme at this location. We will also carry out a simple assessment of the potential impact of the proposal on the local waterway.

Within 6 weeks of receiving your Expression of Interest we will tell you in writing whether:

(a) you should proceed with sending us a Feasibility Submission (the target for this is 4 months from the date of our response), or

(b) the scheme is not acceptable, giving our reasons, or

(c) that the initial screening report indicates that there are sensitivities with the supply available for the boat movement that your proposal is likely to generate and an additional water resource study is required before you submit your Feasibility Submission.

River Weaver, Acton Swing Bridge by Jo Lxix

If a water resource study is required

What you need to do

You will need to complete a Water Resource Study Proforma and send it with the Water Resource Study Fee. You should send this to us within 1 month of receiving our response to your Expression of Interest.

What we will do

We will determine whether water is available to accommodate the increase in boating traffic generated by your scheme. We will tell you in writing whether:

(a) we can accommodate your scheme, or

(b) we can accommodate your scheme but there may be sensitivities which could have design or operational constraints for you, or

(c) there is currently insufficient water for the scheme to be accommodated at the requested location without significant capital improvement works being undertaken.

We will endeavour to complete our water resource study and report in writing to you within 3 months of receiving your submission. However in certain situations if exceptional water sensitivities exist, it may be necessary to undertake further detailed modelling and option analysis to see whether we can accommodate your proposal. Due to the extensive work and appraisal involved this may take us up to 12 months. Should this situation arise, we will write and advise you.

If the outcome is (a) or (b) you should then make a Feasibility Submission to us.

Last Edited: 02 April 2024

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