Application process fees

The table below sets out the amounts payable as you proceed through our application process. To provide you with cost certainty, we have set fixed amounts. These fees will be adjusted periodically.

Refer to the following paragraphs for the details and terms of the different payments. The payments of the fees relevant to your scheme are made on a non-returnable basis whether or not you complete the whole process through to site opening.

All fees are payable when you make the submission.  We are unable to log and progress your application without receipt of the relevant fee. 

Please note: the fees are a contribution to the cost of reviewing your scheme and liaising with you as you develop your scheme through feasibility, detailed design, construction and connection. The fee structure has also been changed to a standard fee for all schemes as the work involved is similar at all stages irrespective of size. 

We may carry out credit checks on both companies and individuals. We will advise you if the checks are unfavourable and speak with you about payment methods and/or guarantees that may enable your application to proceed.

A VAT invoice will be issued for your records.



Application process fees

All fees are subject to VAT 

 Application fee (EOI)  £  380 
 Appraisal fee (Feasibility)  £1,500
 Appraisal and Inspection fees (Detailed)  £4,000
 Water resource study fee  £2,250


Application Fee

The fee is payable when you submit an Expression of interest.  It is a contribution to the costs of the Trust in making an initial assessment of the Application.

This fee was introduced on 1st July 2016.  Whilst previously we have not made a charge for an initial assessment, we have recently reviewed our fee structure to take into account the review of the scheme at Expression of Interest Stage and the information that is provided to you following our assessment

Appraisal Fee

This is payable when you make a Feasibility Submission. It contributes to the cost of our staff who will assess your submission.

The fee is payable by the submission deadline should you be unable to comply with the submission date, then an extension of time may be requested but will not be considered until we receive the fee.  You are still able to withdraw from the process and resubmit at a later date but please note that all fees are non-refundable.

Appraisal and Inspection Fees

This fee is payable when you make a Detailed Design & Construction Phase Submission for works NOT affecting Canal & River Trust (DCNA). It is a contribution to the costs of our staff who will be liaising with you as you develop your scheme through detailed design, construction and connection. This payment will cover the following items:

  • Our staff time spent liaising with you
  • Our appraisal of your DCNA Submission
  • Our appraisal of your DCA Submission
  • Our site visits and inspection of the construction works including the stilling test

Water Resource Study Fee

This is only payable if you have been advised that there are water sensitivities at the location of your proposed scheme. The study assesses whether we have the capacity to accommodate schemes in areas where there may be potential limits on the available water resource. The fee contributes to our costs of undertaking detailed modelling and analysis, the cost of which is the same for any size scheme.

Legal Fees

Each party is responsible for paying their own legal fees in respect of the Network Access Agreement and any other legal agreements required.

Annual Payment

When your site is connected to our network you will need to make an annual payment to us under the terms of the Network Access Agreement. Further information can be found on the Legal Agreements page of this website.

Last date edited: 26 September 2018