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In order to build your scheme you will require planning permission from the Local Planning Authority (LPA). We recommend in the 'Feasibility - Planning' page that you have early pre-application discussions with the LPA to understand their requirements and relevant policies. This should enable you to address these in your submitted application.

As a statutory consultee, we will be asked by the LPA to comment on your application.

We would therefore ask that you and your planning advisers liaise closely with us as you prepare your planning application.

We would also request that we see the final application before it is submitted to the LPA so we can ensure as far as possible that there is nothing in it that may cause us any concerns.

You will need to judge carefully the timing of both your application to us and your planning application to avoid delays (and wasted costs in the event that either application is unsuccessful). Refer to Our Application Process for more information.

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Last Edited: 16 February 2022

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