Starting or expanding a boating business

If you want to use your boat for anything other than personal, private, pleasure use you will require our consent and it is considered to be a business use. This includes any kind of public use, even if it is by a charity or local club.

This section sets out the different business sectors that your proposed activity might fit into, an overview of the factors that you will need to consider, the regulations that you will need to comply with and the kind of business licence you will need.  If you can’t decide which section is relevant to you, please contact us (please refer to Contact us pages).

Please also look at our General Guidance section for further information that may be useful to you in planning your new business.

The fees that apply to business licences can be found in the application process - fees section.

Please look at the different sectors listed on the right hand side of this page. Then look at our Application process and how to submit an 'Operating Proposal' for the kind of business you want to set up.  We have a new online system whereby you can set up a customer account (if you are not already an existing customer) or register with an existing cstomer number.  You can then proceed to submitting an online Operating proposal.

If you are an existing customer (with an existing property contract) and wish to carry out physical works, it may be possible to progress straight to a Works Proposal (please seek advice from your Business Boating Manager/Business Boating Surveyor.

Last date edited: 24 November 2020