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Mooring FAQs

Everything you want to know about mooring on our canals and rivers

I’d like to find a Canal & River Trust managed mooring for sale in my area but don’t know where to start?
Our Waterside Mooring website has an easy search facility to help you locate your nearest long-term mooring site managed by the Canal & River Trust. All mooring sites are shown on the site and if you see one highlighted in green it means that there are currently moorings available.

Some vacant berths are available to purchase online or you can ask for assistance from a member of our moorings team, either over the phone or in person at one of our main offices. 

Some of our moorings are offered at a fixed price where you can purchase them immediately via the website. Other vacancies, particularly where they are in a location with high demand, are offered via an online auction system. 

How many long-term moorings does the Trust have?
We provide around 3,500 long term moorings spread across 300 sites in England and Wales. This represents approximately 11% of moorings available across our network. Long term moorings that are directly managed by us operate under the name Waterside Mooring.

What type of long-term mooring does the Trust offer?
We provide moorings for both leisure and residential use (i.e. those with formal planning consent, or long established residential use). We also provide different grades of mooring – Premium, Standard, Basic, which are selected on the level of facilities, mooring type and location.at www.watersidemooring.com.

Once you have a mooring you can let us know by completing our Notification of Home Mooring form and sending it to our Boat Licensing Team.

Where are the Trust’s long-term mooring sites?
Our mooring sites comprise linear configurations on the lines of the canal/river. They can either be next to the towpath, on the opposite bank or they can be located ‘off-line’, which includes moorings located in small basins, lay-bys and marinas. The numbers of moored boats at sites varies greatly from 1 to over 50. 

How long does a long-term mooring last?
Berths at a Waterside Mooring are usually assigned for periods for 12 months or more, with the ability for customers to renew at the end of the term. They are predominately offered for private leisure customers. 

How much will I pay per year for an end of garden mooring?
The price payable for the permit is set by reference to the mooring fees for simple on-line moorings in the area supplied by us. A benchmark site is identified and a price discount applied to account for the fact that we provide the water space but not the land access to it or any facilities at the site. The discount is normally of the order of 50%.

If you still can't find the answer to your question, or you have but you would like some more information, you can get in touch with us by email or by telephone to 0303 040 4040.


Last date edited: 27 October 2015