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While our waterways attract over 12 million visits each year, they can be used for much more than recreation.

A hydro power scheme seen from above

Surface water discharge

Did you know that surface water from property and development sites can be drained into canals?

We recognise the value of using our canals and rivers for drainage facilities and are keen to work with landowners.

Read our surface water drainage leaflet to find out more, email us or call 07483351479.

Utilities apparatus and fibre

We have 2,000 miles of waterways and hundreds of miles of broadband keeping people connected.

Our landholdings are already used by many organisations who benefit from burying their service cables and pipes under our towpaths and canals. We offer a valuable service to many busniesses who wish to run new apparatus through our land and may offer a cost-effective alternative.

Email us for more information.


We're always looking for ways to harness the power of our water, and with 2,000 miles of canals and rivers, this is a fantastic opportunity we can't miss.

Many businesses can benefit from the range of utilities services our extensive network of waterways can provide.

We currently have 12 hydro schemes, which generate approximately 4.7mw per annum. This contributes to approximately 6,500 homes off grid.

Where we accept hydro schemes in our waters and on our land, it's vital that fish passes are installed. This is to ensure the safe migration of fish and other aquatic species around our network.

Last Edited: 13 June 2023

photo of a location on the canals
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