Property development

The Property Development team at the Canal & River Trust play an important role in contributing to the funding of the waterway network, through improving and releasing the capital value of properties with development potential.

What we do

By taking an active role, the Property Development team champions sympathetic yet contemporary waterside development, involving both residential and commercial schemes. We generate income to help maintain the historic waterways, enhance local environments and reinvigorate the canal and river network.

Today we are involved in nearly £12 billion of waterside regeneration projects nationwide, reinvesting the profits from these schemes to help fund the waterways for future generations.

See the video below which demonstrates how the restoration of our waterways can bring extra value and enrich the local communities who use them:

How we do it

The Canal & River Trust is a major land owner with a unique portfolio of land and property throughout the UK, worth over £500 million. We undertake land assembly and prepare otherwise redundant property within our portfolio for development by progressing it through the planning process.

Each development presents an original environment in which we facilitate the growth of a thriving waterside community, through carefully planning the appropriate mix of residential, commercial, leisure and mixed-use developments, specifically tailored to the requirements of the location. 


The Property Development team generate significant non-financial outputs which are in line with the Trust’s wider corporate objectives. These outputs include:

  • The creation of new destinations on the network
  • Improved access to the network
  • Towpath and public realm improvements
  • Significant urban regeneration of previously run down waterside areas
  • Improved facilities for customers
  • Preservation of heritage

Last date edited: 28 November 2017