Our estates department look after our properties along the waterways, including: historic warehouses, cottages, offices, industrial estates and land across England and Wales.

Crane and Warehouse Crane and Warehouse

The commercial income generated from the estate portfolio is re-invested directly into the maintenance and upkeep of our network of waterways.

Solicitor’s search

A solicitor’s search enables solicitors and prospective purchasers to understand any rights and obligations associated with a property that's adjacent to one of our waterways.

To carry out a solicitor's search, please refer to the following solicitor’s search guidance.


Different departments manage various aspects of our whole estate. Please click on the appropriate team link below:

Boating business enquires - for boat yards, marinas and commercial boat agreements

Utility enquiries - for surface water discharges, abstractions, industrial heating, and pipe/media crossings and easements

Waterway operations - navigation enquiries, locks, customer facilities, freight and engineering enquiries

For all other estates enquiries, please make note of the geographical location of your enquiry and the waterway next to which your enquiry is concerned. Then you can contact your local team to deal with the issue as quickly as possible:


Covering the North East, North West and Manchester and Pennine Waterways:

Canal & River Trust
Estates Department
Fearns Wharf
Neptune Street


Covering the North Wales and Borders, East Midlands and West Midlands Waterways:
Canal & River Trust
Estates Department
Ground Floor
Aqua House
20 Lionel Street
Birmingham, B3 1AQ           


Covering the London, South East, Kennet and Avon, and South Wales and Severn Waterways:

Canal & River Trust
Estates Department
First Floor North
Station House
500 Elder Gate
Milton Keynes

You can also call our general enquiries team: 0303 040 4040

Last date edited: 30 January 2018