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Property Maintenance Contract

High Level Scope

The Property Maintenance Contract covers work associated with the statutory inspection, maintenance, emergency repair of building fabric and service installations.

These services are required to be delivered to a diverse and unique national portfolio of approximately 67 Estates properties, 848 Operational assets and 320 Waterside Mooring.

The tender will be broken down in to three Lots as detailed below. Tenderers may bid for one or both lots on a regional or national basis in the case of Lots 1 & 2.

It is envisaged that project work associated with Lot 3 will be delivered by a panel of preferred contractors agreed by the Trust.

Lot 1 - Programmed work and statutory inspections

Split contracts by service line & to be delivered nationally / regionally

  • Heating, air-conditioning & ventilation
  • Wet waste & sewerage
  • Power – electricity PAT & periodic testing
  • Water
  • Alarms & access
  • Lift maintenance
  • Asbestos

Lot 2 – Repair & Reactive Services

  • There are 884 Operational properties country that require reactive support, these are spread across the regions as follows
  • Museums & Attractions
  • 2 workshops

Lot 3 – Project Work

Project work, the requirement to provide:

property refurbishments, including, internal and external decorations and repairs, new utility supply applications and process and demolition services, office fit outs. – heritage refurbishments.

Please confirm if you are interested in participating in the tender process and which lot (or both in the case of Lots 1 & 2) you will be tendering for Lot 1 Programmed work & statutory inspection Lot 2 Repair & reactive Services or Lot 3 Project work. Contact or 07717 893987.

Last date edited: 9 March 2020