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Notice of Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)

"The Waterway Engagement Monitor (WEM, previously the Inland Waterway Visitor Survey) is one of the Canal & River Trust’s (the Trust) primary survey instruments. The WEM is an online survey consisting of a nationally (England & Wales) representative sample of 960 adults in each monthly period (11,500 throughout a typical year).

Data is subsequently weighted to the national England & Wales population profile in terms of region, sex, social grade and age. The WEM is used to track a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) in addition to various outcomes related measures.

The main KPIs are:

  • Visitor (and visit) volumes
  • Brand awareness
  • Visitor satisfaction
  • Brand support
  • Valuing waterways

From April 2019 onwards, The Trust intend to build upon the existing survey methodology both nationally and locally, including gaining greater insight about usage and attitudes of those living with 1km of our waterways, as well assessing any differences between the Trust’s six waterway regions. A key element of this adjustment will be to increase the sample size within the Trust’s 1km ‘waterway corridor’."

This PPQ, and subsequent ITT, relate to the administration of the WEM from 2019 onwards for a period of up to five years. The successful applicant will be expected to administer the survey and regularly report on its findings.

  • The closure date is 12:00 on 25 June.

Waterway Engagement Monitor Market Research Questionnaire

Last date edited: 5 June 2018