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Thrupp visitor moorings

On this page you'll find information for visitor mooring at Thrupp. The information on this page will be displayed on towpath signage, in a noticeboard at Thrupp and on request provided in a leaflet from volunteer Visitor Mooring Rangers to boaters.

The map in the useful downloads section (on the right) shows the various mooring zones in Thrupp between Bridge 220 (Shipton Bridge) and Bridge 224 (Langford Lane Bridge).  2 day, 7 day or 14 day moorings are available – look for the signs on the towpath posts.

Mooring in the zones is free for the published time.  An extended stay charge of £25 (including VAT) per day applies if …

  • you do not move on after the maximum stay time within any one of the zones between bridges 220 and 224
  • you stay longer than 14 consecutive days between bridges 220 and 224, or
  • you spend more than 14 days between bridges 220 and 224 during any calendar month

The area is visited daily by visitor mooring rangers, volunteering on behalf of the Canal & River Trust, who record your boat number.  Extended stay charges will be invoiced monthly and recorded on your boat licence account.

Please check the stay times on the towpath posts. The full Terms & Conditions for use of casual and visitor towpath moorings in Thrupp can also be found in the useful downloads section.

The lengths marked as ‘private moorings’ are managed by Canal & River Trust, Thrupp Canal Cruising Club and Oxfordshire Narrowboats for boaters with long term permits.

Please respect the mooring zones; they are designed to ensure mooring space is shared fairly between all.

For more information contact the South East waterways team

Useful downloads

Thrupp Visitor Mooring Terms and Conditions
Thrupp visitor mooring map

Last date edited: 13 January 2016