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Towpath mooring project

In September 2012 our then new Trustees and the Trust’s Council considered and endorsed a policy paper on non-compliant continuous cruising . As a result of this review, and after further planning, the Towpath Mooring Management project was created with additional funding of approximately £500,000 per year available from April 2013.

The Towpath Mooring Management project is expected to last for at least three years and started in April 2013.

Project Objectives

  • To build more constructive engagement with all segments of the boating community.  Develop communication strategies to build awareness of, and wider respect for, mooring rules to influence boater behaviour, thereby reducing dependence on legal enforcement sanctions.
  • Ensure that new ‘Continuous Cruisers’ are fully aware of and comply with requirements of the 1995 legislation.
  • Review visitor mooring provision, signage, communications and monitoring procedures at relevant sites.
  • Engage local stakeholders in the development and implementation of the actions arising from the project to build consensus.

Links to archived alternate-monthly project reports are on the right hand side of this page in the useful downloads section. Click here for the most recent report.

7 March 2014 update:

At the outset of this project we also included the objective below:

  • Develop alternative mooring permit options for those Continuous Cruisers who have already established a lifestyle dependence which is not consistent with ‘bona fide’ navigation, as a stop-gap measure to address specific local issues.

Reluctantly we’ve concluded that alternative mooring permits, which we proposed to introduce in two local areas from April 2014, cannot be used to deal with localised issues of mooring congestion on the waterways. 

This follows further consideration of legal issues which raised doubts about the practical implications of implementing the scheme. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us to develop and explore these proposals; those involved in this process had been assured previously that the proposal was deliverable, and bear no responsibility for this late change. 

We will continue to work with local boaters to improve understanding of the Trust's guidance for boaters without a home mooring and to develop ways to help people to comply.

Useful downloads

Towpath Moorings Management Project report March 2014
Towpath Moorings Management Project report May 2014
Towpath Moorings Management Project report July 2014
Towpath Moorings Management report October 2014

Last date edited: 14 July 2015