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The HS2 rail network and our waterways

Britain’s canals and rivers are experiencing a new renaissance, thanks to significant public and private investment and the effort of countless volunteers. However, the proposed route of the High Speed Rail Network (HS2) will change the waterway landscape forever, affecting 20 canals, four river navigations and four waterways planned for restoration. It poses a real threat to the future use and enjoyment of the waterways.

While the Canal & River Trust does not oppose its construction in principle, we believe HS2 must be designed and constructed in a way that protects, enhances and complements our historic canals and waterways - which are a treasured and much loved national asset. HS2 could provide the catalyst for regeneration in the cities it connects and we are working with local stakeholders to maximise this opportunity.

Where will HS2 intersect with the canals?

The following map of the UK shows the points at which the proposed HS2 route will intersect with canals.

Map to show where HS2 will intersect with waterways

Last date edited: 24 August 2015