How will HS2 affect the waterways?

The current plans for HS2 will require the construction of some significant engineering structures over and beside our historic waterways which will change the waterway landscape forever.

Impact on people

The quality and enjoyment of canals is largely defined by the landscape and townscapes of the places they pass through. HS2 has the potential to negatively affect this because of its visual and noise impact. This will affect the way the canals are used and the number and frequency of visitors.

Impact on heritage

There is significant potential for substantial harm to waterway heritage assets such as listed buildings and conservation areas.

Impact on communities 

There will also be potentially significant socio-economic effects such as the creation of dark and dead spaces leading to anti-social behaviour, fewer visitors and fewer boats. The Trust is also analysing the impact that HS2 may have on the delivery of regeneration schemes that would benefit the waterways and the people who live and work near them.

Increased flood risk

In some areas, HS2 will affect the supply and flow of water increasing the risk of flooding.

Impact on wildlife

We are concerned that there could be some loss of habitats and disturbance to wildlife including protected species in the wider HS2 corridor.

Last date edited: 7 December 2020