Areas of particular concern 2

We are particularly concerned about the impact of HS2 in the following places:

Phase 2a

Great Haywood, Trent and Mersey Canal Crossing

We are concerned about the visual impact of the proposed viaduct on the canal as well as the potential disruption to the nearby marina both during and after construction. 

Phase 2b  

Western Leg

The Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union Canal (Crewe Rolling Stock Depot and associated infrastructure)

The proposal includes multiple crossings of the canal and would have a severe adverse impact on this section of waterway in an area which is very popular with a variety of recreational users

The Trent & Mersey Canal in the Whatcroft area

Multiple crossings of this tranquil canal environment are proposed including large embankments running close to the canal. These will have a severe adverse impact on this very popular recreational waterway.

Eastern Leg

The Ashby Canal at Measham

The scheme does not recognise the proposed restoration of the Ashby Canal. In its current form the proposal would prejudice the completion of this well advanced canal restoration project.

The Erewash Canal north of Sandiacre

The potential diversion of the Erewash Canal to facilitate a viaduct crossing is concerning.

The Chesterfield Canal at Staveley

The height of the rail access/egress to the Staveley Infrastructure Maintenance Depot could prejudice the Chesterfield Canal restoration project.

The Chesterfield Canal at Norwood

The scheme prejudices the completion of this well advance canal restoration project. It does not recognise the potential loss of part of the heritage asset which is the Trust owned Norwood Tunnel.

Last date edited: 7 December 2020