Phase 1 - Achievements to date

We have been successful in securing a number of amendments to HS2 original plans that provide enhanced protection to the waterways, including:

Wood End Lock, Trent & Mersey Canal near Lichfield 

It was proposed to build embankments and three crossings in close proximity to the listed Woodend Lock and Lock Cottage on the Trent & Mersey Canal. This would have had a dramatically adverse impact upon this particularly tranquil and much loved length of a rural canal. Together with the Inland Waterways Association, we commissioned design and engineering consultancy Arcadis to develop alternative solutions for this area. Our proposals were accepted by HS2 who moved the route away from the canal.

Cappers Lane area Wyrley and Essington Canal near Lichfield

The original proposal posed a severe threat to the future use of the waterways including to the planned restoration project of the Lichfield canal at this location.  The Trust was able to negotiate the construction of approximately 350m of new canal passing under the planned HS2 viaduct to ensure the Lichfield Canal restoration could continue unhindered.


Curdworth Locks, Birmingham & Fazeley Canal

Here we secured additional spans in the planned viaduct over the canal to help preserve open views of the surrounding countryside from the canal.

Design on HS2 structures crossing our waterways

By analysing and defining the key principles for proposed HS2 rail crossings in terms of structural elements, siting and alignment we have been able to establish with HS2 appropriate design approaches for each canal interface on HS2 Phase 1. This agreed design approach for each crossing will form part of the design specification for the design and build crossing design development. The Trust will need to review the emerging designs to ensure they reflect appropriately the agreed design principles.

Noise mitigation

HS2 agreed to provide noise barriers on all bridges and viaducts crossing our waterways.


Last date edited: 7 December 2020