What are we doing, and how you can help

The Canal & River Trust firmly believes that HS2 must be designed and constructed so as to minimise its impact on the waterways for the communities, heritage and wildlife they support.

We are working closely with HS2 Ltd, the Government, local stakeholders and canal societies to protect the interests of the waterways. Specifically, we are seeking to ensure the following:

  • The canals are recognised and respected throughout the positioning of the HS2 route
  • The opportunities for regeneration of canals presented by HS2 are maximised
  • The visual impact of HS2 is considered and addressed by the design of adjacent and crossing structures and by screening
  • The waterways are given maximum possible protection from noise pollution
  • HS2 does not pollute the waterways and the waterway corridors
  • The future of any part of the waterway is not jeopardised by vibrations or by additional risk of flooding
  • Social and economic benefits of the waterways are not put at risk by HS2
  • HS2 does not compromise the successful completion of canal restoration schemes

How can you help?

  • Read through the consultation responses
  • Make HS2 aware of your concerns  
  • Let your local elected representatives know about your concerns 
  • Like or Share our HS2 related social media posts  


Last date edited: 7 December 2020