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Liverpool Waterfront

Planning and design

Welcome to the e-planning toolkit for our waterways

The planning system has a vital role to play in:

  • Unlocking the inland waterway network's economic, social and environmental value
  • Protecting the network of canals, rivers, and docks from inappropriate development
  • Protecting and enhancing the natural and historic waterway environment
  • Improving the health and performance of the waterway corridors and their adjoining communities
  • Securing the long-term sustainability of the network

Whatever your knowledge and interest in planning, our toolkit will provide you with information on a wide range of topics. Our planning and design team explain how our waterways can change places for the better, and help improve the quality of life and wellbeing for communities they pass through.

The about us and the planning system pages provide some basic information. More detailed material can be found on other pages.

While our network of waterways covers England and Wales, the planning system operates differently in each country. This toolkit is currently based on the English system.

Although the systems are different, many of the issues and opportunities are the same. If you have a query about planning for the waterways in Wales, please contact us. Our statutory consultee performance reports cover both England and Wales.

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