Belvide Reservoir

Located in the western part of Staffordshire, this special nature site not only provides a water supply to the Shropshire Union Canal but is home to 175 different species of bird.

Belvide Reservoir Belvide Reservoir

Why it's so special

Belvide Reservoir was completed at the end of 1833 by Thomas Telford, followed later by a height addition to the dam by William Cubitt. Extending over a massive 74 hectares, this site certainly isn't hiding away. 

Its main purpose is to provide water for the Shropshire Union Canal, but because of its open water nature, it is an important haven for moulting and wintering water birds, breeding birds and great variety of migrant and rare vagrant visitors. 

Thanks to its gently sloping margin, it's attractive to feathered waders, and 175 different bird species have been noted here.

Due to the relatively undisturbed character of this reservoir, Natural England recognised its wildlife importance and designated over 88 hectares as a SSSI in 1951.

The plan

The habitats here are constantly under threat from siltation, encroachment of vegetation and the introduction of non-native species.

In close collaboration with Natural England and West Midland Bird Club (and support from the players of the People's Postcode Lottery), we will support the ongoing management of this wildlife site, and optimise the habitats for the benefit of the flora and fauna for future generations to enjoy.

What we've done already

  • Vegetation management along the reservoir site boundaries
  • Sensitive tree management to reduce shading
  • Installation of bat boxes