At the height of the Industrial Revolution thousands of miles of canal were built to transport goods and raw materials around the country.

Our canals were the envy of the world, and helped to establish Britain as an industrial powerhouse. However, after years of neglect, many became derelict. We are campaigning to restore the country’s lost waterways and by getting involved with your local restoration group, you could help to bring these much needed spaces back to life.

Crickheath basin restoration, Montgomery Canal Crickheath basin restoration, Montgomery Canal

2020 Restoration Conference

Building Resilience & Creating Connections

When: Saturday 10 October

Time: 10am-1pm
Where: Online via Zoom

Each year the Canal & River Trust and the Inland Waterways Association run the Annual Restoration Conference to provide support for waterway restoration projects. Click here for more information.

Tireless efforts

Thanks to the tireless efforts and dedication of thousands of volunteers, over 200 miles of canals have been restored since the turn of the millennium. These restorations have brought prosperity to communities, boosted property prices and helped local people to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

We want more people to appreciate the importance of these historic canals and play their part in supporting and championing the heroic efforts of local canal restoration groups.

Below you can explore current and potential restorations in your local area and also see how the canal network has changed over time. 

Last date edited: 2 September 2020