Greatest angling writers

Introducing our new series of stories on the greatest angling writers of all time - or at least, what many anglers consider to be the greatest writers. Question is - do you agree?

Greatest angling writers series Greatest angling writers series

Choosing the contenders for the greatest UK angling writers is a thankless task. Ask 10 people, and you'll get 10 different answers. So we have set a couple of arbitrary rules to limit the vast choice.


They must be UK writers. Being born here, then living abroad and producing most of their output elsewhere, does not count. So Roderick Haig-Brown and others miss out.


We've taken into account where you're reading this. So those whose prime writing was about the sea have been discarded.


We've limited the number of writers whose work, because it was produced 100 or more years ago, is probably unknown to most people reading this. Let's face it: you're not going to vote for someone you've never read.


The writer has to be capable of producing more than one great book. They should be able to perform consistently, like Usain Bolt or Steve Gardener.

Our list includes a few journalists, because creating sparkling words to a weekly or monthly deadline is far, far tougher than having the luxury of month (sometime years) to fine-tune your prose.

And finally...

We've used a qualification written by one of the people who actually appears on this list. (Wonder if you can guess who?)

He said: "My own touchstone for a classic is readability. I'm not talking about taking the odd, delicious dip, but a proper soup-to-nuts consumption."

Here's the acid test: would you pick up that book or article and read it again, and maybe again, and enjoy it just as much?

Our many thanks goes to the author of this series, Keith Elliott.


Last date edited: 5 October 2017