Booking your passage online

You can book and manage some of your favourite passages directly online.

View of Liverpool Canal Link with Liver Building on right Liverpool Canal Link, courtesy of rastrus, Flickr

If you’re preparing for any kind of a trip on a boat you can make sure your journey goes without a hitch by booking some of your favourite passages online.

Before you decide, follow the links below to find out more including what you can expect, important safety considerations and other useful information including the maximum dimensions of the passage and where and when you need to be on the day of your passage.

Other information that you might find useful in planning your trip include boaters guides, interactive maps and stoppage information.

Once you have decided which passage you wish to book, simply log in (or register) to the online licensing portal  then go to the Bookings section. If you don't have access to the internet don't worry, you can still call us on 0303 040 4040 or call into your local waterway office and we will happily book your passage for you.

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Last date edited: 10 April 2017