Carpenters Road Lock

Once a proud and busy hub of East London, Carpenters Road Lock was disused and rusting just a few years ago. We’ve breathed new life into this historic lock which now rightfully stands at the heart of London’s newest urban park, ready to lift its gates on a whole new chapter.

Carpenters Road Lock

Book your passage through the lock

If you want to book passage through Carpenters Road, City Mill or Three Mills Lock, you can now do so on our licensing page.

  • a minimum seven days notice is needed to make a booking
  • you can make your booking more than one year in advance
  • passage is available 9.00am to 5.00pm every day
  • always check our stoppages and notices website for any closures before your journey

We look forward to welcoming boats regularly into the park following the successful restoration of Carpenters Road Lock.

View the final time lapse of the restoration

If you have any queries in relation to lock bookings in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park please contact our customer services team by email or call 0303 040 4040.

History of Carpenters Road Lock

In 2005 the International Olympic Committee voted to hold the 2012 Olympics in London, with the promise of a huge change to the lower Lea Valley. The centrepiece of the bid was a new venue along the old waterways in London's East End, the Bow Back Rivers. This new venue would contain world-class sporting venues, but would also become the largest new urban park seen in Britain for over a century. 

We saw that this created a whole new purpose for our old industrial waterways. They could be a part of a new city landscape to be enjoyed and appreciated by all, and to become the location of new homes, schools and communities.

The Trust

We’ve been working hard on the £1.8 million restoration of Carpenters Road Lock which stands in the heart of the Olympic Park. It is one of the final pieces of a ten-year programme to regenerate the Bow Back Rivers and preserve an important part of London’s industrial heritage.

Watch Sam Thomas, our Customer Operations Manager talk about the restoration in the short film below. 

Today, Carpenters Road Lock is ready to lift again, to control floodwater and to allow boats to pass underneath its gates into the rivers around the London Stadium. We’ve ensured this historic lock has a new purpose that is very much part of London's 21st Century future.

Carpenters Road Lock infographic Carpenters Road Lock infographic

We are incredibly proud to be part of this ten-year programme to revamp the Bow Back Rivers. Carpenters Road Lock is intergral to the Olympic Legacy Framework and with funding from us, Heritage Lottery Fund, London Legacy Development Corporation and Inland Waterways Association - this significant lock is set to be a showpiece waterside destination.

Watch the full restoration online

Full restoration of Carpenters Road Lock 

Quick facts

  • The lock cost under £25,000 to build in 1933, which is approximately £12m in today’s money
  • The lock is probably just about big enough to fit in a blue whale
  • Carpenters Road Lock has the only set of vertical lift double radial gates in the country, perhaps in the world

East London Waterways Festival

On 28 August 2017 the restoration of Carpenters Road Lock was celebrated with the East London Waterways Festival

Watch this short video to see what the day had to offer

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Last date edited: 25 October 2018