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Advice for new continuous cruisers

One of the enjoyable parts of our work is welcoming new boaters to our network of canals and rivers. New boaters often have lots of questions and frequently call us or e-mail for advice and guidance.

Image of narrowboat cruising past other boats on the canal Continuously cruising the canals

One of the most frequently asked questions is about where to find out more about continuous cruising. It’s asked so often that we’ve had to create an auto text e-mail response to save us time although we are always happy to speak on the telephone too if you have any extra questions.

One stop shop

The main link on our website that you are likely to need as a boater is  Here you can find everything from licensing, mooring, planning a cruise, navigation closures, and much more.

Cruising in three links

If you’re a new continuous cruiser and haven’t already taken a look at what you need to do before committing to the lifestyle, we would strongly recommend reading the following:

How we monitor continuous cruising

Continuous Cruising Frequently Asked Questions

How we monitor boat movement

How long can I stay?

It may sound surprising but lots of people seem to be unsure about the rules for how long you can stay moored up whilst out cruising. As a rule of thumb you can stay anywhere on the towpath for 14 days, unless there’s a sign with a time limit, if it’s on a lock landing, or next to facilities. You’ll find lots of handy information here in the short stay section of our Mooring FAQs page

News and notices for boaters

Another great source of useful boating information, events and more is the fortnightly Boater’s Update.  If you sign up it will arrive in your inbox every other Friday.

If you’re intending to continuously cruise around the Greater London area, it’s worth keeping an eye out for the latest London Boating Bulletin which is published on a regular basis.

And finally check out the other items in our boating team blogs, as we cover wide range of subjects which we hope are informative - and sometimes entertaining too!

If you’ve got a subject you’d like us to cover, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to oblige. If you’ve got any questions, just pick up the phone 03030 404040 or find your local contact, the Boating Team are always happy to help.






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