Boat licence customer support team

This page is all about the boat licence support team: what we do, why we do it and how you, as a boater, can get help.

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You and your boating licence

Boats bring life to our waterways. And we believe that every boater deserves a fair chance to use and explore our canals and rivers. That’s why we need to make sure they remain open, flowing and fair for all.

The contribution you make to the waterways

We’re committed to maintaining and improving the waterways we care for. Boaters play a central role in the huge task of keeping the canals and rivers open so thank you for choosing to boat on the waterways we look after. The money we receive from your boat licences is important and in 2017/18 leisure licences contributed £20.4m, around 10% of our total income.

We make money in other ways too. Together with the grant from government, income from investment, rents and utilities, money from funders, councils, companies, and supporters, and the important contribution from boat licence holders, moorings, and waterway businesses, our annual income allows us to spend £132 million on directly looking after the waterways you use. It just shows how far everyone’s passion to keep our waterways flowing can go.

To allow us to do our job and keep our waterways open and fair for all, we need to ensure all boaters using them are playing their part too.  

"Thank you for your prompt and courteous action to resolve this.”

Boating customer

We’re here to help

Our boat licence customer support team work up and down the country to help boaters get a boat and keep a boat licence. Part of that is making sure boaters understand the terms and conditions of their licence, such as sticking to their mooring times and cruising appropriately. This is so every boater has a fair chance to explore as much of the network as they want.

In the unlikely event that you’re not following the conditions of your licence, the team may have to take suitable action. But rest assured that we'll always contact you beforehand to give you as much time as possible to get in touch with us.

Contact your local officer first

We’d always encourage you to contact your local officer if you ever find yourself in a situation that means you can’t keep to the terms and conditions of your licence. You can find the contact details of your local officer on this map.

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Need additional help?

An additional, crucial, part of the team’s role is to support boaters who are in need and, for whatever reason, are struggling to follow the rules. The team have always worked closely with boaters to help find ways to assist them where they can – for example agreeing to longer stay times when having medical treatment.

Plus, we've expert advice on hand in the form of welfare officer, Sean Williams, who helps the team find the best support to suit a particular boater’s needs.

Do you know a vulnerable boater?

"For several years I've had occasional need to speak with your enforcement team and I must say they have always been most constructive and helpful.”

Boating customer

Need to contact us?

With over 2,000 miles to care for, our team of licence support officers are split into regions as you can see on our map. As well as the officers, there are rangers, advisors and supervisors across every region.

If you want to licence your boat you need to call our Customer Services team on 0303 040 4040 or log onto your account with us.

If it's about something else, for example, if you’re concerned about a particular boat, or want some advice about our guidance for continuous cruisers you'll find the details of the Licence Support Officer for your area on our map.

If you need to speak to a licence support supervisor you'll find their contact details below.

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Last date edited: 10 December 2018