Long-term moorings

Long-term mooring sites (sometimes called permanent moorings or home moorings) sites are plentiful, from fully serviced marinas to simple spots along the canal or riverbank.

Boats moored in marina with electric points Marina

You'll need one of these moorings for your boat if you're not continuously cruising. Most are provided by private companies or boat clubs, either in off-line marinas or on-line, along the canal or river bank opposite the towpath. Contracts can vary in length from three months to three years, so there's plenty of choice.

Be prepared to shop around. Moorings are usually priced according to boat length and popularity of the area – supply and demand means that you’ll pay more in the south where land prices are highest, and obviously sites with more sophisticated services command higher fees. 

Most people prefer the security and convenience of a mooring within a marina or basin off the main line of the canal or river.

Waterways World and Canal Boat Magazine both publish annual mooring supplements which are full of helpful tips, listings and adverts – good if you prefer browsing paper.   

Long-term moorings with the Canal & River Trust

Our Waterside Mooring website has an easy search facility to help you find your nearest long-term mooring site managed by our Waterside Moorings team. All mooring sites are shown on the site and if you see one highlighted in green it means that there are currently moorings available.

Buying a boat which already has a mooring

Take great care. Mooring agreements are personal to the individual boat owner and they are very rarely assignable from one boat owner to another. If someone offers you a boat with a mooring, be very sceptical and demand legal evidence that they have the right to pass on the mooring agreement when selling the boat. 

End of garden moorings

Single long-term moorings against private residential land are often called end of garden moorings. Even if you own the land, because the Canal & River Trust is the owner of the canal bed, permission is needed for the exclusive right to create an end of garden mooring.

Last date edited: 11 January 2021