Earlswood Lakes - major repairs

From April 2021 we're carrying out some major repairs to Earlswood Lakes. As this is likely to have some impact on residents and visitors we wanted to share our plans and explain why this work is important.

The work

The project is expected to last around six months and will involve:

  • Temporarily lowering the water levels within the Engine and Windmill Pools. This will maintain the safety of the dam until works are complete and allow our construction team easy and safe access to the reservoir dam wall and embankment.
  • Raising the core of the reservoir main dam along Valley Road. This will help improve the dam resilience during flood events.
  • Installing drainage and a collector drain within the embankment of the main reservoir dams adjacent to Valley Road. This will help drain rainwater away from the embankment.
  • At Windmill Pool, the footpath along the top of the River Blythe embankment, will be raised to prevent the reservoir from topping over along this length.
  • Erosion damage to the wall of the dams and to the toe of the dam in the River Blythe will be repaired at various areas in both Engine and Windmill Pools.
  • To improve waterflow along the River Blythe the culvert will be fitted with a trash screen to prevent it becoming blocked with litter and debris
  • To allow colleagues easy access to the reservoir for essential reservoir safety maintenance purposes, new access areas will be created at the base of Windmill Pool and at Engine Pool dams as well as near the River Blythe channel outlet on Windmill Pool dam.
  • The channel from Terrys Pool to Engine Pool car park will be desilted and the bank between channel and reservoir improved.

Road and footpath closures

  • From the 29 March, and throughout the works, Wood Lane car park will be closed.
  • From the 13 April - the Engine Pool footpath will be closed from the northern section of Engine Pool to the path between Terrys and Engine Pool. The access from Mason Lane will also be closed
  • From 19 April the Causeway roads (including the section of Malt House Lane that separates Engine and Windmill pools) will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The eastern path at Windmill Pool will also be closed from the pathway between Engine & Windmill and the main dam crest.

All local businesses will remain open and trading throughout these works.

The work is due to be completed by November 2021.


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