Earlswood Lakes - major repairs

From April 2021 we're carrying out some major repairs to Earlswood Lakes. As this is likely to have some impact on residents and visitors we wanted to share our plans and explain why this work is important.

Works Update 27 August 2021

  • A new culvert and headwall have been installed at the bottom of Mason Lane, between Terry’s Pool and the Canal Feeder Channel.
  • The Canal Feeder Channel has been dredged, and coir roll soft bank protection has been installed. Concrete bag erosion protection has been added to the pathway alongside the feeder channel, and the pathway has been resurfaced.
  • New angling platforms are being installed in Engine Pool, next to the pathway alongside the Canal Feeder Channel and next to the footpath on the Malthouse Lane side of Engine Pool.
  • New rock armour protection has been installed along the main dam face.
  • In Engine Pool voids are being filled with concrete bags for erosion protection.
  • Trenches have been dug along the dam embankment and new drainage installed. The grass embankment has been re-seeded and re-enforcement mesh added.
  • To strengthen the main dam, a new concrete wall has been installed in the dam beneath the Crest Road, alongside Valley Road. Work has now started to lay down a new road surface above the dam.
  • Rock armour erosion protection has been installed in the River Blythe.
  • Using soil from the main dam works, the footpath along the top of the River Blythe embankment, alongside Windmill Pool, has been raised. Work is now underway to re-profile and then resurface the pathway.
  • The waste wood generated by the work here, is going to be secured in Windmill Pool to provide habitat for invertebrates and fish within the water, and a step up over the metal piles for wildlife.
  • The main Valley Road reopened on 20 August and the Malthouse Lane Causeway and Crest Road above the dam (alongside Valley Road), are due to reopen 15 October.
  • We have reopened the footpath from Mason Lane, so it’s now possible to walk from Mason Lane, around Terry’s Pool and to Malthouse Lane Car Park. The remaining footpaths are expected to reopen by the end of October.
  • We’d like to remind all residents and visitors to the lakes that access within the construction zone areas is strictly prohibited, and all fencing segregating the construction zones from public areas is in position to ensure the safety of all.

Road and footpath closures

  • From the 29 March, and throughout the works, Wood Lane car park will be closed.
  • From the 13 April - the Engine Pool footpath will be closed from the northern section of Engine Pool to the path between Terrys and Engine Pool. The access from Mason Lane will also be closed
  • From 19 April the Causeway roads (including the section of Malt House Lane that separates Engine and Windmill pools) will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The eastern path at Windmill Pool will also be closed from the pathway between Engine & Windmill and the main dam crest.

All local businesses will remain open and trading throughout these works.

The work is due to be completed by November 2021.


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Last date edited: 7 October 2021