Catherine de Barnes towpath improvement

We've improved a one mile stretch of towpath along the Grand Union Canal in Solihull.

Catherine de Barnes towpath

Thanks to funding of £481,000 from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development Rural Tourism Infrastructure programme we've improved a one mile stretch of the Grand Union Canal in Solihull.

Traffic free green route

The towpath from Catherine de Barnes to Damson Parkway has been widened in places and resurfaced making it easier and more appealing for local people to incorporate some time by the water into their daily routines. The improved path will provide a green, traffic-free route into towards Birmingham and the wider countryside for walkers, cyclists and people with buggies.

New mooring rings have been installed to encourage visiting boaters to stop and spend some time in Solihull town centre. Signage along the canal has also be upgraded making it easier for local people to navigate along the towpath.   


Last date edited: 16 October 2020