Taking wellbeing on the road

In the summer holidays of 2017, our North West team ran a roadshow to promote the various wellbeing activities people can do on or by the water. This year's event dates are online now. Anyone for a free ice lolly?

In 2017, stops along the way included Burnley, Blackburn, Glasson Dock, Wigan Pier, Bootle and Lancaster. The main aim was to promote our key water safety messages (better ways to cool off) as well as share the space, Desmond Family Canoe Trail and provide customer information to help people take advantage of the wellbeing activites available from our canals.

We're doing it all again this year. Come along and visit one of this year's events listed below and maybe get a free ice lolly too.

Summer roadshow dates for 2018

Reaching out with the message

Overall we spoke to over 3,000 people during the events. But we also featured in many local newspapers and had a number of radio interviews (plus Facebook Live which received over 5,000 views). This was the first year of this scheme and considering our team here in the North West Waterways and our partnership only had five weeks to plan.

Connecting to communities

Our team uses these roadshows as a great way to engage with our key stakeholders and local partner organisations in those communities. And again, it's about improving opportunities for people to out and get active and doing it safely. One group the North West team have been working with for a while is the Desmond Family Canoe Trail.

Desmond Family Canoe Trail

We're responsible for delivering the trail - a privately funded youth engagement project. It's designed to engage with young people from 16 to 25 to involve them in the waterways that run through their communities.

In this case, to develop the longest canoe trail of its kind in the UK. Running over 160 miles from Liverpool along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and the Aire & Calder Navigation to Goole, it will connect some of the north of England’s most urban communities with some of its more scenic and beautiful waterways.

Beth Cropper, Desmond Family Canoe Trail Project Leader, said "We enjoyed getting involved in the North West Summer Roadshow as we're committed to promoting safety on the water and it was a great opportunity along the trail to promote what we do alongside the North West team."

Last date edited: 9 July 2018