Categories and criteria

Find out more about the criteria of the awards and the eight categories to consider.

Section one

Awards in this section are open only to those projects and individuals working or volunteering on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. These six awards are unique in that they are to be awarded in 2016 only, to celebrate the Bicentenary of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Natural Environment

Recognising projects which have improved, developed or restored the natural environment of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal or areas immediately surrounding the canal itself.

The panel want to hear from those projects which have enhanced the natural diversity of the canal including water quality improvement, provision of natural habitat, community planting or boundary planting.

Education & Learning (Supported by Nomenca)

Tell us how you or your project helps people learn about our canals and waterways or benefit from formal or informal learning opportunities on any scale. Your project might not be delivered solely on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal but it should be able to evidence that it has had an impact upon the Leeds & Liverpool canal or upon communities immediately surrounding it.

Culture & Heritage

Have you been a part of something amazing? We are seeking entries from individuals, groups or communities who have worked and volunteered to restore any historical aspect of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal or towpath.

This might be anything involving the historic canal environment including:

  • dry stone walling
  • building restoration
  • boat restoration
  • interpretation projects.

We also want to hear from you if you are involved in delivering an art or interpretation project or preserving and recording the history of the canal through research or archiving work.

Young Volunteer of the Year (or Group) (Supported by the Inland Waterways Association)

Are you 25 years old or under? Have you volunteered individually or worked as part of a group to improve some aspect of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, or in the communities around the canal? Have you made a difference and been a part of something special?

If you or someone you know has, then why not nominate to be entered into this award to become Young Volunteer of the Year?

Volunteer of the Year

Have you volunteered individually or worked as part of a group to improve an aspect or area of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal? You may be a new volunteer or someone who has volunteered for many years.

If you know someone who has given up lots of their time as a volunteer and you feel them to be a worthy winner why not nominate them on their behalf and show us why they should be considered Volunteer of the Year.


Are you involved in creating or running either a small business or social enterprise on or around the Leeds & Liverpool Canal? Or know someone who is? Then we want to hear from you!

Section two

In addition to these special Bicentenary Awards, 2016 sees the launch of the following two awards which will be awarded annually by the North West Waterway. These awards are open to any project or individual working, volunteering or operating on any North West Waterway.

Outstanding Achievement (Waterway Managers Award)

Recognising those groups or individuals who can demonstrate an outstanding achievement in delivering any waterways related activity on any North West Waterway. This might be volunteering, supporting a local cause, improving the waterways or enagaging the local community.

Remember though we need to know why your entry is outstanding!

Waterway Partnership Chair's Award

This award is intended to recognise those groups or individuals who demonstrate the values of the Canal & River Trust through their work or volunteering on the waterways of the North West.

These values are:

  • Caring - We care passionately for our waterways and the people who use and look after them, always striving to keep them safe and secure.
  • Open - We believe in being open and honest as we can be in our dealings with others​.
  • Local - We believe in local solutions, empowering local people and working together​.
  • Involvement - We embrace the involvement of a diverse range of people and third parties in the workings of the Trust, building effective partnerships.
  • Excellence - We constantly strive for excellence in all we do, to function efficiently, effectively and sustainably​

The Waterway Partnership Chair's Award is seeking entries from you if you feel that your project or group delivers its work in accordance with some or all of these values and you are able to demonstrate why. We are looking for something special.... so why not enter today?


Last date edited: 4 May 2016