Volunteering in North Wales & Borders

Welcome to our volunteering page for activities within North Wales & Borders. Thank you for being interested in volunteering with us. Volunteering activities come in all shapes and sizes and we're sure you'll find something to get involved with - from litter picking, painting and light vegetation works to more substantial construction works, administration duties and boat moving roles.

Volunteers assisting with rubbish removal from the canal bed at Middlewich Volunteers assisting with rubbish removal from the canal bed at Middlewich

Thank you to all the volunteers that have been able to help with the canal clean up at the Middlewich Branch breach site.

Volunteers have been out all week helping Canal & River Trust employees to make the site safe, put up fencing and signage and retrieving rubbish from the drained canal bed. We really appreciate all your help to date and any going forward, thank you all so much.

We have a whole range of volunteer activities going on in the beautiful countryside of North Wales & Borders and our volunteering team are here to help you find the opportunity that suits you. If you would like more information on anything please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Welcome to the North Wales & Borders volunteering team

  • Jason Watts - interim volunteer development co-ordinator
  • Duncan Davenport - customer operations manager
  • Ani Sutton - development engagement manager
  • Martin Watson - volunteer team leader (West/South)
  • Angela Barnett - volunteer team leader (North/South)

North Wales & Borders volunteering newsletter

Every month we produce a newsletter with details of volunteering events and opportunities coming up. You can find the most recent editions available below:

If you'd like to be added to our volunteering mailing list, please contact enquiries.northwalesborders@canalrivertrust.org.uk

Towpath Taskforce

Each month we run 'turn up on the day' practical volunteer events at locations across the waterway. For more information about the Taskforce events that are currently running in this area please click on the links below to open the appropriate diary.

  • New Diaries for 2018 will appear here soon

Stay tuned for new taskforce event locations to be announced in the near future.

Details of forthcoming volunteering events can be found in the list below or by searching for an opportunity near to you.

Just some of our current volunteering opportunities

Last date edited: 9 April 2018