Waterway running routes

New to running? Towpaths are great places to get started. They are quiet, traffic-free and most importantly – flat!

Running along the Nottingham-Beeston Canal

Three new routes

We’ve created three measured routes starting from Trent Lock covering 2km, 3km and 5km – ideal if you’re following the Couch to 5k programme.

Each route is signed with a start / finish point and distance markers every kilometre. Follow these routes to build up your fitness and confidence (and they’re really quite picturesque too). 

The routes are there-and-back so you don’t need a map and you won’t get lost. If you don’t want to cover the full distance you can turn around and come back – there’s always another day.

Each route is saved as a segment on Strava so you can track your progress and share your achievements with friends. Use #waterwayruns to search for the routes and to save your activities – we’d love to see how you’re getting on!

We’d like to sign more routes like these across the East Midlands – if you have any suggestions for suitable locations, please create your own segments using #waterwayruns or drop us an email.

Share the space

Pedestrians have priority on the towpath but please be aware of other users and don’t assume everyone can see or hear you coming. Follow our towpath code:

Share the space | Drop your pace | It’s a special place

Last date edited: 16 November 2018