Act Now For Canals

With one in eight people not having access to private outside space, canals have become everyone's back garden and have become a lifeline for so many people as well as providing valuable habitats for nature.

But looking after these precious spaces is costly and takes many hands. That's why we're now asking for everyone's help to #ActNowForCanals to make canals blue, green and better. Together we can bring nature back to our towns and cities and deliver health, happiness and wellbeing to millions of people.

We believe that no other UK charity brings so much free, open and accessible blue and green space to the doorsteps of so many people. And we want to keep it that way.

So please #ActNowForCanals. Join us by sharing our messaging on social media, take part in citizen science projects, raise funds, volunteer or just clear up litter.

Every small action can make a huge difference.

Here are five simple ways you can help today

Become a digital activist 

Find out more about the impact of our work