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The charity making life better by water

A water vole sits in the opening of a round pipe that hangs over the water. The water vole is reflected in the water.

We won’t let nature vanish

Please support our campaign to protect wildlife and their habitat at a time when it needs us the most.

41% of our wildlife is in decline across the UK

But canals and rivers can offer nature a refuge. Together they make up the UK’s longest unbroken network of water habitat, home to the wildlife we all love and allowing us to get closer to nature.

Please support our campaign to protect wildlife at a time when it needs us the most.

We won’t let our nation’s nature vanish

We’re the charity keeping 2,000 miles of canals alive for nature. Canal habitats wouldn’t exist without our constant care to keep them flowing, full of water, clean and wild.

We’re creating new habitats, protecting wildlife during canal repairs, and managing water quality. Caring for nature is central to what we do.

But we need your help

We can’t do it alone. Donate to help us create and improve canal habitats for species like kingfishers, water voles, and ducks to thrive.

Why are canals important for nature?

Nature is being pushed into smaller, more isolated pockets of habitat that are disconnected from one another.

From the endangered water vole to beautiful kingfishers and much-loved ducks, nature's homes are in danger. In some species, this could limit their genetic diversity and threaten survival.

Towpaths extend many miles along our waters, housing rich varieties of flora and fauna, to connect habitats through urban areas. Our bridges, tunnels and locks make valuable homes for a variety of species. Beneath the water’s surface lives a rich tapestry of fish, aquatic vegetation, and amphibians.

It’s clear that we need to do much more to help protect nature before it’s too late. We’re taking action to help protect the habitats that canal wildlife call home.

photo of a location on the canals
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